How Do I Connect My Apple HomePod To My Phone?

How do I connect my HomePod to a new WIFI?

Tap and hold or 3D Touch the HomePod icon for the specific HomePod you’re having issues with.

At the top a message will appear that says “This HomePod is on a different Wi-Fi network than this iPhone.

Move HomePod to ‘(Wi-Fi name)’”.

Give it a few seconds and HomePod will automatically connect to the new Wi-Fi network..

Is HomePod WiFi or Bluetooth?

Yes, HomePod uses both Wifi and Bluetooth. Bluetooth is not used for streaming music. The HomePod does not work as a Bluetooth audio speaker; it only allows you to share music with the use of AirPlay. … It’s actually a small, Wi-Fi-enabled device that packs a set of influential speakers and microphones to deliver music.

Can you use HomePod without WiFi?

You cannot set up the HomePod without access to Wi-Fi and the Internet. Once configured it is possible to AirPlay from an iOS device to HomePod over an ad hoc connection that doesn’t need an additional Wi-Fi access point.

How do I connect my iPhone to HomePod?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchMake sure that both HomePod speakers are in the same room in the Home app.Open the Home app, press and hold HomePod, then tap Settings.Tap Create Stereo Pair.Choose a second HomePod to use as a stereo pair.Tap a HomePod on the right or left side to identify it.More items…•

Can you connect more than one phone to Apple HomePod?

You should be able to connect multiple devices to it that are connected to the same Apple ID. You can also set it up to allow AirPlay connections from everybody, anyone connected to your wireless network, or sharing control of your Home accessories, or by use of a password.

How do I connect my Android to Apple HomePod?

Tap Magic Radio, at the bottom of the list, then Music, Sports or whatever takes your fancy. Finally, select and tap a station. Once this is playing, all you need to do is tap the casting icon at the top right – the rectangle/Wi-Fi symbol. Find your HomePod from the list of possible devices and tap it.

How do I make my HomePod discoverable?

Set up HomePod stereo pairingIn the Home app on your iOS or iPadOS device, touch and hold a HomePod.Tap .Tap Use as Stereo Pair and follow the onscreen instructions.

How do I connect my iPhone to HomePod without WIFI?

You can’t set up the HomePod without having access to the internet and Wi-Fi. If you configure it once, then you can AirPlay from your Apple device to HomePod over a connection that does not need an extra Wi-Fi access location.

How do I connect my Bluetooth to HomePod?

How to set up HomePod with BluetoothOpen the Home app on your iPhone.Click the house icon in the top-left corner.In Allow Speaker Access, select Everyone.Open any music app (e.g. Spotify or Apple Music), select a song, and tap the AirPlay icon to choose to play it through the HomePod.

Can you use Apple HomePod with Android?

Unlike other Apple devices like the iMac or the iPad and even the Apple AirPods, the Apple HomePod cannot be used with Android phones. You cannot set up the HomePod on any device that is not running iOS, iPadOS or the MacOS.

How do I AirPlay to HomePod?

From the home screen, hold down the Play/Pause button to reveal this AirPlay menu. This new AirPlay Audio Sources screen appears. It will show all the speakers and Apple TVs in your home. From here, it takes just a second to scroll down and set the HomePod as the output for the current Apple TV.

Do you have to have WiFi to use AirPlay?

To send and receive streaming audio and video with AirPlay, the devices you’re using must first be connected to the same local network. This connection could be wireless, using WiFi or Bluetooth, or wired, using Ethernet. … Without AirPort Express, you can use an existing home network setup, such as a wireless router.

Why does my HomePod say no response?

If “Hey Siri” isn’t responding If HomePod is connected to Wi-Fi but isn’t responding to “Hey Siri,” open the Home app, press and hold HomePod, tap Settings , then check that Listen for “Hey Siri” is turned on. Learn more about changing the settings for Siri on HomePod.