Question: What Does Windfall Money Mean?

What does a windfall mean?

1 : something (such as a tree or fruit) blown down by the wind.

2 : an unexpected, unearned, or sudden gain or advantage..

Is a windfall good or bad?

Money is not inherently good or bad. And regardless of how it strikes you, neither is your windfall. Money is a neutral tool, but it magnifies our good and bad decisions. Effective planning can help to ensure that your windfall serves as a blessing and not a curse.

What is a sudden cash windfall?

When you receive a sudden windfall of money from an inheritance, a legal settlement, winnings or as a gift, you may be wondering about the best plan of action for your money.

Why is it called a windfall?

First used in the fifteenth century, the word windfall originally referred to fruit that the wind blew from the trees. … The word eventually came to mean any unexpected and easily-gained good fortune, typically one involving money, such as the windfall profit from a lucky stock purchase.

How do you use windfall in a sentence?

utilitye heart of the budget will be a windfall tax on the excess profits of the privatized utilities. Bedford has received a windfall to the tune of £ 4 million. There had been an unexpected windfall of half a million pounds more in License Fee income than expected.