Question: What FOV Is Best For FPS?

How do I find the best FoV?

Ideally, your fov in game should be equal to the amount of degrees your screen takes up from your perspective in real life.

This is why console games typically have lower fov, because it is assumed that you are sitting several feet away..

Does FOV affect apex legends?

Yeah, changing your FOV won’t affect your sens in game (cm/360) but it affects the correlation between your movements on the mouse pad and the distance traveled by the cursor on the monitor. That’s the reason why with a higher FOV the sens “feels” slower.

Why is FOV important?

Having an inappropriate FoV for your set up can seem like tunnel-vision if it’s too narrow, and appear fish-eyed if it’s too broad. Having a higher FoV also gives you more peripheral vision, which can confer an advantage in competitive games.

What is FOV in FPS?

12 Replies. Field of View (FoV or Field of Vision) is the representation of what your playable character can see on your screen in a first person shooter.

Does FoV change your sensitivity?

The other comment about sens being independent of FOV is correct, but FOV affects the perceived sensitivity. That’s why it feels faster when zoomed with rail (or changing your FOV) even if your 360 distance is the same.

Does FoV affect FPS?

Yes, FOV affects FPS because your GPU needs to render more stuff on the screen. A high field of view might be useful if you suffer from motion sickness, or if you struggle with seeing enemies from afar and close to you.

What FoV should I use in warzone?

The majority of players prefer a FoV of 100 or above. 103 is often considered the sweet spot (this is also the most popular choice in PUBG), and it is equal to 71 vertical FoV. Note that if you play on PC with a controller, selecting any FoV value higher than 85 will break your aim assist.

What is a realistic FoV?

Your ‘real’ FOV, as measured from your eyes to the outer corners of your screen, is probably about 30 to 45 degrees, depending on the size of the display and how close you’re sitting. … For faster paced games with a high demand on good awareness of your surroundings, an FOV of 90 to 100 is completely workable.

Is higher FOV better?

The truth is that a high FoV brings both pros and cons. A high FoV makes targeting more difficult. The wider the FoV, the smaller the enemy on the screen, so you need to be more accurate to hit them. A low FoV helps your focus.

Does FOV affect aim?

Yes it affects aim. Everything at the center of the screen is bigger, and tracking targets feels much different. That said, If you can aim well at 120 compared to 80 you have an advantage, especially in close up fights indoors where people hide in corners.

What FOV do pros use?

The overwhelming majority of the pro players uses a 90 FoV. 80, 82, and 85 are also popular choices.

What is scale aim assist with FoV?

The area around the target witch slows your aim will expand proportionally to your fov increase.