Who Pays For EBay Money Back Guarantee?

Can I cancel eBay order if buyer hasn’t paid?

Both the buyer and seller in an eBay transaction can request a cancellation within 30 days of the sale but neither has to accept.

If the buyer does not approve of the cancellation, the seller cannot then open an unpaid item case or try and cancel again..

Why am I not covered by eBay money back guarantee?

Re: Not Eligible for ebay money back guarantee wrote: If OP tried to return the item using “does not fit” as the return reason then the seller can refuse a return as this reason opens a return request for *change of mind* when applied to clothes listings and the same probably applies for other items too.

Can I refuse to give a refund on eBay?

Re: what happens if you refuse to issue a refund If you refuse to refund and the buyer opens a case and you still refuse to refund, then ebay will just take the money out of your account and give it to the buyer who may not even be told to return the watch. Your decision, refund now or later.

How can I get refund from eBay?

Go to your My eBay Purchase history, and in the drop-down menu next to the item in question, choose Return or Item not received (within 30 days of delivery). Verify that this is the item in question. Click Resolve a Problem. Answer the questions on the resulting page and you’ll get a link to report your case.

How long does it take to receive a refund from eBay?

When a seller issues the refund there may be a delay in receiving the money depending on your original payment method. If you used a PayPal balance or bank account, the money will show up in PayPal right away. If you used a credit or debit card the refund gets put back on your card, which takes 3-30 days.

What is a final value fee credit from eBay?

This amount is not cash, it is just an amount owed RECORDED by eBay. The seller is responsible for paying all final value fees whether or not the seller completes a transaction with a buyer. If the sale is not paid for or is cancelled, the seller can request a final value fee credit.

How do I dispute eBay fees?

There is no way to dispute the fees. If you sold items and the buyers didn’t pay, you should have filed unpaid item disputes, you have 32 days to do that. Other than that eBay will not waive the fees for members who failed to read the fee schedule and the reminder given during the creation of each listing.

Who pays for refund on eBay?

If the item is returned because it’s faulty, not as described, or damaged in the post, the seller has to pay return postage costs. However, if the buyers want to return the item for any other reason within 14 days, they have to pay to send it back (as long as you made this clear in your listing).

Do you still have to pay eBay fees if you refund?

If an eBay transaction is cancelled or not completed, the seller may be able to be credited for their final value fee. To be eligible for this credit, sellers must resolve a return, refund, or cancellation request opened in My eBay or Seller Hub or open an unpaid case.

What happens if you don’t respond to eBay return request?

In some cases, if you don’t respond to the return request, we may refund the buyer and seek reimbursement from you without requiring the buyer to return the item. Alternatively, we may automatically accept a return request on the your behalf. When listing an item, it’s important to include your returns address.

Can Paypal force you to refund?

If someone files a complaint PayPal investigates and then decides to refund or not. A refund can be forced. … paypal will refund if the item was never received. If the seller can prove that it was delivered than they are covered.